August 8, 2016

Forgiving Others: Good for Your Health

Do you tend to hold grudges? Can’t seem to let go of below-the-belt comments people make to you? Well according to Dr. Loren Toussaint, that might not only be bad for your mental health, but your physical health as well:

“If forgiveness is about managing internal thoughts and emotions, then “just letting it go” really is something that will help you cope with a lot of life issues. When you get upset and build up emotions from grudges, it actually can cause a lot of pain. We discovered through our studies that forgiveness can be used as a coping mechanism. We took it a step further to say if you use forgiveness as a coping mechanism, then you can also use it as a buffer against daily stresses. By definition, a coping mechanism should help alleviate stress. So the more you forgive people, and let go of that stress, the more you are protecting your health.” -Dr. Loren Toussaint

Listen to the rest of the podcast at: https://goo.gl/ouyX4V

Matt talks with Dr. Loren Toussaint, a professor in the department of psychology at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. Dr. Toussaint’s research examines religious and spiritual factors, especially forgiveness, and how they are related to health and well-being. What if there’s one thing you can do today to eliminate a lot of stress in your life? Dr. Toussaint explains how he found out through his own studies and research that forgiving others is actually good for your health.

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