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Do you have a STARVED relationship?
Are you tired of having the same fights over and over with your partner?
Do you feel like you don’t know how to parent in the age of social media and smartphones?
Are you overwhelmed by unrelenting feelings of worry and anxiety?
Do you feel like life isn't going your way and do you want to change it?
Do you feel like your children are resilient enough to make it through tough times?


  • I loved this seminar so much! Matt has such a great way of connecting with each one of
    his students. He is so relatable and shares experiences not only from his studies and
    practice, but also as a husband and father. Through humor and knowledge, he was able
    to teach us great techniques in how to raise resilient kids so they are able to face their
    future with confidence.

    - HELEN

  • “We have only been in the class for two weeks, but it has made a dramatic difference in our relationship. This workshop is the most remarkable thing I have experienced in my entire life. I used to cry every day, but I haven’t cried in two weeks.” 

    - CF

  • “Before the workshop, I had no, no, no hope in my marriage!! Now, I have some hope and I know where to get more. I want to learn and change and with Matt's help, now I know can.” 

    - PM

  • I’m coming out a changed man.

    - DP

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