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The fastest way to get your life back on track is to take advantage of one of our Coaching Consults with a TRC Certified Coach. The 50 minute session can be held face-to-face, over the phone, by Face Time or Skype. 

Initial Consultation Outline

Your initial coaching consult will include the following benefits:


Identify if you want help focusing on Life, Love or Leadership Coaching. Fill out the necessary pre-consult questionnaires, history and other assessments so the coach is up to speed on some of your issues and patterns before you meet.


The Client Download

In the consult you will get a chance to just dump it all on your coach by downloading your concerns, goals, desires and essential information about what you are feeling as you hope to improve your life. You will feel a release as you see that there is someone who can hear your biggest problems and have hope in your ability to fix them.

Review Of Our Findings

Each of our coaches are trained to use all of our initial assessment and diagnostic tools to help us pinpoint your most obvious patterns and problems.

In Depth Overview of Your System

Each coach will spend time showing you how and why you are doing what you’re doing which will give you a real-time look at the overall system and how to fix it.

Three Immediate Solutions

Together with the coach you will identify three “doable” things to do immediately to begin to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Review of All Helpful Resources

In our consult you will receive an overview of all of the resources we know of to help you improve your conditions. The resources include other professionals, national experts, books, podcasts, Ted.com talks as well as all of TRC’s classes, workshops and resources and free resources available to improve your love, life and leadership.

Referrals to Other Professionals if Needed

Many of the bigger issues are complicated and require more complicated solutions where one expert can’t solve all of the problems. In an effort to create balanced solutions, TRC has established a vast referral network of other professionals (MD’s, Nurse Practitioners, Counselors, Religious Leaders, etc) that we refer our clients to who are leading experts in their specific fields. Together we work on your issues to create real solutions to your most perplexing mind, body and spirit problems.

Your Next Steps

At the end of the consultation you will walk away with a clear understanding of what you are supposed to do next. Whether that includes more coaching sessions, online classes or a mix of both or just an implementation of the three solutions you came up with during the session. You will also know clearly if TRC can help you with your issues and how to get the help you need, and whether you want to work with TRC or not.

Time For Questions

As the consultation is interactive, it will be a very safe environment for you to ask any question you want to and your coach will regularly be checking to make sure all of your questions have been answered.

Coaching FAQ's

What Is Coaching?

Historically coaches have been seen on the sidelines of athletic events, whether it is an individual sport like golf or a team sport like basketball or baseball. Their job depends on the goals of the team or individual they work with, but they usually include directing, guiding and leading people to new and higher levels of improvement and results. As coaches, our primary desire is to help you to dramatically improve the conditions of your relationship and life. With extensive experience in the game of relating, our coaches become an invaluable member of your team. We watch your relationships from the sidelines and analyze your interactions, helping you to quickly identify disabling habits and patterns that you and your partner might not be able to see.

Once the patterns are understood by all of us, we work together to customize new ways for you to see your partner and cooperatively develop solutions and skills designed to get the results you desire. In the end, our goal as a coach is to work ourselves out of a job by training you and your partner to be your own coaches in the game of life and love. Ultimately the effectiveness of any coach is measured by only one thing…RESULTS.

What Types of Coaching Do You Do?

Whether you work with Dr. Matt or any of our other coaches at Townsend Relationship Center, we are trained to work with a wide variety of Life, Love and Leadership issues. Whether you come alone, as a couple or as a family, TRC Coaches are prepared to help you become your very best self. Here’s how we break down our three areas of focus and what coaching we do in each area.
For Love
Relationship Growth
Feeding STARVED Marriages
Pre-Marriage Coaching
Launching Second Marriages
Dating Help
Rebuilding Trust after Infidelity
Improving Parent Child Relationships
Learning To Attach and Connect To Others
Mediating Family Dialogues
on Difficult Issues
Improving One-Sided Relationships
Couples Deciding On Divorce
Dating Help
For Life
Personal Growth
Anxiety, Worry and High Sensitivity
Managing Your ADHD
Getting Out of Your Funk
Connecting To Purpose, Passion and Mission
Body, Mind & Spirit...
Spiritual Beings and the Human Experience
Managing Life’s Transition Points
(Divorce, Death, Empty Nesting, Career Changes)
Managing Your Introversion In an 
Extroverted World
Identifying and Living Your Character Strengths
Overcoming Your Fears
Moving from Dependence to Independence
to Interdependence
Becoming Your Best Self
For Leaders
Professional Growth
Dealing with Difficult Employees and Customers
Team Building Skills
Communication &
Conflict Resolution Skills
Public Speaking Skills
(Design and Delivery of Presentations)
Teaching Managers To Coach
Their Employees
Fostering Employee Engagement & Happiness,
Content Creation Consulting and Training Delivery
Identifying and Leading by Character Strengths
Mediating Difficult Conversations
Future Searches/ Large Group Dialogues
Media Management Skills

Do You Coach All Types of Relationships or Only Couples?

All types! At Townsend Relationship Center we coach literally all types of relationships. Whether you are married or dating, divorcing or divorced, we can help you improve how you interact. We also coach extensively on parenting relationships and business relationships. We have worked with divorced couples teaching them how to co-parent for the benefit of their children, and our coaches have extensive experience coaching in the business arena. Below is a list of other areas we have developed programs.
  • Singles
  • Marrieds
  • LGBTQ both Individual and Couples Coaching
  • Divorced
  • Engaged couples
  • Second marriages
  • Struggling marriages
  • Blended families
  • Parent/child relationships
  • Family dialogues
  • Struggling business partnerships
  • Manager/employees
  • Service employee/customer team
Overall, we are willing to coach any person or couple who is willing to learn and grow.

Is There a Way to Meet with Someone and See If Coaching Is a Fit?

Yes, simply book a consultation with one of our coaches. Click here for a summary of what is included and to complete your booking.

What Is the Typical Background of Your Coaches?

At Townsend Relationship Center, we take coaching very seriously and hold our coaching staff to the highest standards. All of our staff has degrees in the human development, mental health or communications fields. All have extensive experience with coaching that range from traditional therapeutic interventions, counseling, corporate training and development, to extensive certified coaching and training resumes. Every coach is a Certified TRC Relationship Coach and have spent hundreds of hours in face to face coaching practice helping both individuals and couples to reach their goals.

What Happens in a Typical Coaching Session?

There really is no such thing as a “typical” coaching session because every session is customized to meet the needs of the client or couple. Traditionally, one of the first things that we do with every client is to create what we call a baseline of understanding using various assessments and profiles that help us obtain a quick understanding of the dynamics of the situation. Once completed, the coach shares information and works with you to set goals and measurements for what is to be accomplished in the coaching sessions and how success will be measured. Because each program is customized, the coach creates exercises and plans discussions to have while working together during the sessions. Additional activities to be accomplished during the week are also given at the end of each session.

At the beginning of the next session, our coaches follow up on the assignments given during the previous session. With that the coach can then determine what is working, and what needs adjustment. Coaches are constantly looking for “positive” examples showing the process is working and trying to create numerous examples of success. Simultaneously, by understanding where it’s working we can also see where things just aren’t coming together. Once we see gaps in the planned process, we spend time trying to remove the obstacles of accomplishing the goals. This could take the first half of the session each week.

In the second half of each session we usually begin to work on new rules, skills and tools to handle the most pressing issues facing your relationships. Some of the most basic skills we teach are communication skills and conflict resolution skills. We also teach tools to help you make decisions where you tend to disagree. Finally, we spend time practicing skills by utilizing your real-life issues and expectations. Then we create new action plans and assignments for you to report back on the next session. The process is then repeated throughout the next week with completely different tasks and skills to be learned.

What If Our Relationship Is Just Too Far Gone, Too Damaged? Is Coaching Even Worth It?

Excellent question and it’s obvious that this question comes from someone who may be close to giving up all hope on their relationship. Basically our response to the question is this: As long as you have hope in the relationship, coaching is beneficial, and it does produce positive results. We wish we could tell you where the line of “too far gone” or “too damaged” is but we’ve found that it all depends on the relationship, the history and the two people involved. We’ve worked with couples who are in the middle of their divorce that have managed to learn new skills and adjust their negative patterns, thereby saving their marriages. We have also worked with couples that even though they never really set out to save their marriage, they wanted to save their relationship in order to be better co-parents and friends.

One of the most important things to remember is that just because your marriage ends, it doesn’t mean that your need to relate ends. It will never get any easier to relate with each other than it is right now. So before you perform any last rites on your relationship, why don’t you give us a call and get our view on the problem. We’ll let you know what the chances are.

Is Coaching More or Less Expensive Than Counseling or Therapy? Is It Covered by Insurance?

Generally speaking, our coaching is the same hourly price as most established therapists or counselors. The difference comes in what you get for your money. In coaching you get so much more than traditional therapy. Coaching sessions are usually longer than therapy and involve significantly more skill building exercises than therapy. Because coaches are really marriage and life educators, you receive considerably more tools, support materials, time to practice skills and goal setting activities than with a therapist.

As health insurance doesn’t usually cover education or in fact “couples counseling”, most counselors bill couples sessions out as individual therapy sessions. We will always give you a receipt for the services we provide you and you should contact your insurance company directly to find out more about your mental health benefits and to see if they would pay for coaching or other educational services. 

Interestingly coaching is also becoming more and more attractive to the therapists, as well as many therapists are choosing to go by the title of coach or life coach over the traditional title of therapist or counselor. As a very new specialty, we are not yet covered by insurance providers, which means that potentially more of the money has to come out of pocket. This has turned out to be positive because we’ve found that most couples who pay for their coaching out of pocket are considerably more committed to the process and more willing to make it work, than those who have no financial commitment to coaching.

How Long Does Coaching Process Usually Last?

How long your coaching sessions last is completely dependent upon you as a couple. On average, our programs run from six to twelve weeks. One reason we are able to have success so quickly is because of our proven process. Our clients usually have hours in both the group workshop, learning critical skills, and in private coaching, practicing those skills on their particular issues. This combination creates a momentum of change on the real issues. You can quickly see measurable change and are placed back on the path to a fulfilling relationship.



Were You Born to Coach?

  • Are you passionate about people, communication and relationships?
  • Are you a great listener?
  • Are people drawn to talk to you about their relationship problems?
  • Did you ever wish you could get paid for all of the free advice and help you offer?
  • Do you feel like you can read people really well?
  • Are you already working as a coach, therapist or social worker and want to expand your repertoire?
  • Do you already have a mental health practice and want to double your revenue streams by offering workshops, classes or coaching services?
  • Are you a business manager or HR employee who needs more skills and tools coaching others to handle relationships better?
The Townsend Relationship Center is now offering a NEW coaching and relationship skills certification course for individuals looking to enhance their relationship, coaching and communication skills. This cutting-edge program will allow you to become a certified relationship coach. This course is packed with research-based practices that will lead you to elevating the quality of the relationships in your life, & in the lives of those you coach. This program will give you the skills to structure your own unique relationship coaching business.
The TRC approach differentiates from therapeutic counseling by focusing more on educating couples in essential relationship and communication skills and not in providing therapeutic interventions. You will have access to the best of all of Dr. Matt Townsend’s content & coaching practices that has led him to becoming one of the nation’s most sought-after coaches.

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