October 5, 2016

Vice Presidential Debate Recap

When you watched the Vice Presidential Debates, what were your thoughts? Hunter Schwarz, a national political reporter, tuned in to tell us about what he thought about the VP nominees going head to head:

“I really like the vice presidential debates because there’s only one, and it really gives viewers a glimpse into what’s going on in the individual campaigns. Pence was very calm and collected, and Kaine interrupted about 60 times. Republicans felt like it was a win for them, and Democrats said they weren’t happy that Pence didn’t defend Trump at all. I talked to the Clinton campaign manager yesterday, and they think Trump is going to be cool, calm, and collected for the next debate. I could see him going either way. As I’ve talked to a celebrity campaign managers, the one thing they all say is “We need to take celebrity nominees seriously.” That’s how Trump was taken in the beginning, as a joke. Now people are thinking differently.” -Hunter Schwarz

Listen to the rest of the podcast here: https://goo.gl/O8Q2jH

Matt talks with Hunter Schwarz, a national political reporter.  He covers the intersection of politics and Hollywood and the 2016 elections for the Independent Journal Review. Before joining the Independent Journal Review, Schwarz worked for The Washington Post and Buzz Feed’s Los Angeles Bureau where he covered politics, media, faith and pop starts.  He joins us today to discuss the Vice Presidential debate and his article, How Trump could pull off a comeback according to ‘The art of the comeback’.


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