How to Break Your Addiction to Work

Feel like you’re becoming a little too preoccupied with working all the time? Do you find yourself constantly checking emails or voicemail at home? Rebecca Knights shares some thoughts about how that can be detrimental to our family relationships:

“When you pick up your phone, or answer your email when you are at home, you are indirectly telling your family, “You are not important to me. You do not matter as much as this email/text does. The first step to breaking your addiction to work is acknowledging that that’s not the message you want to be sending to your family. You need to redefine success. Of course you want to do well in your career, and you want your boss to think you’re doing a good job, but the research shows at the end of the day, at the end of your life, it’s your relationships that matter most. Success is not defined by how much you work, but how well you live your life and balance out your duties.” -Rebecca Knight

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Matt talks with Rebecca Knight, a freelance journalist in Boston and a lecturer at Wesleyan University, where she also teaches writing courses. She has written many pieces focused on personal finances and business education. Her work has been published in The New York Times, USA Today, and The Financial Times. For many of us, working simply feels good. But just because it feeds your ego or makes you feel important, that doesn’t mean it’s actually good for you. How do you break the cycle of working long hours at the office and constantly checking email at home? How do you persuade those around you — similarly work-obsessed colleagues or a demanding boss — that working all the time isn’t healthy? Rebecca Knight explains How to Break Your Addiction To Work.

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