Working Out Together vs. Couples Therapy

Many couples today enlist to start couples therapy, to strengthen their relationship and to fix premature or potential problems. But is there another – and cheaper – way to repair emotional damage and to develop stronger feelings for one another? According to Kelley Kitley,

“While it doesn’t necessarily replace couples therapy, psychologists agree that working out with your significant other acts as a great supplement. “Exercising together is a good place to start to rebuild a connection and have fun together, which is often times why I suggest it in my work with couples who are having conflict,” – Psychotherapist Kelley Kitley

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Matt talks with Kelley Kitley, a licensed clinical social worker in private practice and has treated patients in Santa Monica and Chicago for the past fifteen years. She’s a columnist for Fitness Magazine and is launching a new autobiography on survival in December called, “My Self.” When you think of strengthening your relationship and your significant other’s perception of you, the last thing you think of is probably having them see you dirty and sweaty, but maybe that is just what it takes. Kelley Kitley teaches us how working out with our significant other might be as good as couples therapy.

The One Thing That Makes You One

Research shows that human beings really can only meaningfully focus on one thing at time. But instead we tend to get lost focusing on two or three things in our marriages and about 15 things in our lives. So many times my clients feel so alone in their marriages and so deeply want to feel like they belong. If our goal is to create “Oneness”, then we might want to know what it looks like. I see oneness as a variety of words mixed all into one — words like single minded, whole, harmony, the state or condition of being one, the combining or joining of separate things or entities to form one, agreement, togetherness, a union. So it’s time to create a sense of “Oneness” by learning to focus on the “One” thing you need most right now. Let’s begin our discovery of “oneness” by starting a conversation about . . .

 What Does “Oneness” Look Like?

What Does “Oneness” Feel Like?

What Is The “One” Feeling That Matters Most Now?

What Can We Do Today To Focus On Our “One” Thing?

Why Some Arguments Are “Normal” In Marriage

Disagreements in our relationships are very common, and yet there are some arguments it seems like almost all couples are having. Here are 4 fights that you and your spouse may have and some of the research behind why we might be so offended when they happen.

“I Just Want It All To be “Fair”

“I Was Only Mean Because You Were Mean First”

 “You Always Exaggerate What I’m Saying”

“If You Don’t Want My Opinion, Then Don’t Ask For It!”

Fixing Your Toughest Relationship Problems

Relationships are hard but they don’t have to be as hard as most of us make them. In marriage there really are two kinds of problems: those we can’t fix (like the histories we brought to the relationship, our gene pool or chronic health conditions we suffer with), and those we can fix (like everything else). So whether it’s finding a way of making time to spend together, or learning to talk through our toughest challenges, our toughest relationship issues all have solutions whether we can see them or not. Here are 5 rules that will increase your odds of building love instead of walls.

 Motivate With Honey, Not Vinegar

Lose the “My Way Or The Highway” Mentality

 Dig Through The Pile of What Used To Work

Open Your Eyes For What’s Working

Imagine What It Would Look Like If The Problem Were Solved

Dealing with Rejection within Marriage

How do you heal when rejection happens within marriage?

Studio 5 Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend shares how to reverse the emotion.

Dr. Matt Townsend's Web Site