Healing Your Life By Strengthening Your Spirit

Influenced by Dr. Lisa Miller, Columbia University and book The Spiritual Child. To learn more about Dr. Miller, click here.

Most of us have become accustomed to categorizing our lives into different sections like physical, social, emotional and spiritual. In my coaching work, with people struggling in life and relationships, I’ve found that their tends to be one of these four areas that we tend to overlook the most, and that is the area of spiritual growth. When times get tough, many of us are much more likely to go to our friends or therapists for healing than to actually turn directly to our God to calm the storms. Research by Dr. Lisa Miller at Columbia University in health and spirituality shows that your spiritual connectedness to a higher power is more impactful to your human health, happiness and thriving than any other influence in your life. Even more important than how you were parented, your friends, your socio/economic status, your gender or your education. Our Spiritual connection with our higher power matters more than any other variable.

So let’s start finding ways to heal our emotional issues by strengthening our spiritual connectedness with our higher power. Here are 5 steps to improve your mental health, through spiritual connectivity.

 Hand Your Healing, Spiritual Connections Down

Focus Your Religiosity on Spirituality Connectivity

Seek Inspiration

Count Your Many Blessings

Love Your Way To Peace

By loving and serving others, we naturally get into the “more spiritual” parts of our brain, and distance ourselves from the more selfish parts of our brain.

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