Feeding the STARVED Marriage Audio Program – Downloadable



With Matt’s entertaining and humorous manner, you learn to strengthen and improve your relationships by:

  • Increasing the passion and commitment in your relationship
  • Communicating more effectively with your partner
  • Resolving conflicts by getting to the heart of important issues
  • Building solutions tailored to your marital issues
  • Building trust

Perfect for:

  • Couples looking to re-engage their relationship
  • Individuals wanting to learn relationship skills
  • Couples struggling with issues
  • Couples discussing divorce
  • Second marriages, engaged couples, or empty nesters

Workshop participants are saying:

“The things we have learned from you have totally changed our lives!”

“Inspiring! The Feeding the STARVED Marriage workshop gave me hope and skills to truly become the partner to my wife that I know I need to become.”

“Matt Townsend is a mix of Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey and Dr. Phil all rolled up into one. He is the relationship guru!”

Thousands of marriages saved. We can save yours too.

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