October 12, 2016

Mount Everest Climbing Experience

What’s the biggest dream or goal you’ve wanted to accomplish in your lifetime? Bart Williams had a dream to climb Mount Everest, and after a long, hard, grueling process of getting himself to the top, he made it. He says his thoughts at the summit:

Of course, I cried as I crossed the beautiful Cornice Traverse between the South Summit and the summit itself, realizing I was about to accomplish my dream! The other climbers I’ve talked with since said they did the same. Confident in the fixed line and my safety attachment, I wasn’t terrified of the 7,000- to 8,000-foot drop on either side of the traverse. Instead, I was caught up in the beauty of the cornices and the backdrop of the almost windless blue sky and sunrise. A full moon added the perfect exclamation point! I had drawn on the thoughts and prayers and energy of family, friends, and acquaintances to help me up an unrelentingly steep mountain to the point where I could finally enjoy the beauty and breathe it in deeply. I treasured the moment, though I knew it wouldn’t last long and would soon be a flicker in my memory – only captured by a few photos.” – Bart Williams, at summit of Mount Everest 

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Matt talks with Bart Williams , a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor from Salt Lake City. He is an avid mountain climber. Do you still have dreams and goals from when you were a child that you haven’t accomplished yet? As we get older and our families grow up, sometimes it seems like our life goals are just dreams of the past. But it’s never too late to do what you want with your life. Bart Williams is a great example of this and shares his experience achieving his dream of climbing Mount Everest at age 61.

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