February 29, 2016

Millennials and Marriage

You’ve Got To Be In The Game!
⁃ Some might miss the opportunity to marry their peers by being out of the market (LDS Missions, Military Experience)
⁃ People who have had a bad relationship pull out of the market for years.
⁃ Too close to friends or family and it pulled them out of the market.

You’ve Got To Want It!
⁃ Research shows that people dismissing the need or importance of marriage has gone up from 11% in 1988 to about 19% today.
⁃ They don’t see a need for relationships because they can do everything on their own.
⁃ Don’t want to be tied down.

A Pro-Marriage Role Model
⁃ Parent’s Relationship Example or Dissuading Dating of the Children
⁃ Many times parents intervene with kids and try to talk their child into not marrying or getting serious with a person until they’re done with school.

A Clue In How To Date
⁃ A Lack of Dating Skills or Social Intelligence
⁃ Some people just need skills and practice dating.

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