October 10, 2016

Formula For a Better- and Longer- Life

So many daily events in our lives make us feel exhausted. Picking up after kids, going to and from work in the never-ending commute, and trying to balance everything else can wear you out. Dr. John Day, MD, tells us how we can get out of the day-to-day rut, and appreciate our lives a little more:

“Connecting with people socially (but not electronically), getting enough sleep, managing your stress, being physically active throughout the day, not just at the gym, and eating real food are all ways to help yourself live a longer and fuller life. The average lifespan in the U.S. is 78, but the average American is basically disabled the last 10 years of life. There are lots of pills and doctor visits. Where did the golden years go? We not only want to make life longer, but we want to have a higher quality of life.” -Dr. John Day

Listen to the rest of the podcast athttp://tinyurl.com/h4c56lq

Matt talks with Dr. John Day, the Director of Heart Rhythm Services at Intermountain Healthcare. He is board certified in cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology and has published more than 100 manuscripts, abstracts, and book chapters. As we progress throughout life, we are constantly on the lookout for those things that will help make our lives longer and more enjoyable. For some, a simple walk in nature is just what the doctor ordered. Others need a busy schedule to feel they are being productive. For all of us, however, there are simple steps we can take to make our lives better. Dr. Day explains how to live longer and live better.


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