January 20, 2016

Eight Rules To Healthier Online Living

Technology is a tool to improve our lives not to just escape life. Here are 8 different rules to teach your kids about how to live online without harming your offline world.


Use Tech to Live Life Not Avoid It

  • Learn when to turn off technology (like during meals, conversations and in the evenings, not tech after 9pm.).
  • Become disciplined in your ability to “not use” technology. Don’t just choose it every time you are bored.
  • Master apps that help with time management, productivity, note taking, etc… not just games, social media or texting.


Remember to Help Not Hurt Others

  • Don’t make critical comments of others via text, email, chat or social media. When in doubt talk it out with the person that frustrates you.
  • Focus on spreading the positive about others not the negative.
  • Don’t talk or gossip about negative texts or images of others with your friends.


Keep Private Things Private

  • Don’t record audio, videos or take pictures of others without their permission.
  • Don’t spread negative pictures or stories of others that might hurt or embarrass them.
  • Don’t ask for from others or send sexy or inappropriate pictures of yourself to others online.


Always Put Safety First

  • Don’t give away passwords to friends or people you’ve met online.
  • Don’t give out information to people you don’t know face to face.
  • Don’t meet people whom you’ve only met online.




Don’t Bully Others

  • Don’t repost announcements or pictures about parties and activities that you know your other friends weren’t invited to attend.
  • Don’t “Like” or forward embarrassing photos of others in order to hurt their feelings.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else online, even if you’re only doing it as a joke.

Lead Don’t Follow

  • Stand up for others who are being treated unfairly.
  • Repost things that you are proud of and are aligned to your values and principles.
  • Don’t just repost to repost, remember that people are watching.


Show Respect Through Tech

  • Don’t use chat, text, FB or other tools to avoid verbally talking with others.
  • Turn off your phones and talk to the people in your life, don’t be rude by constantly checking your phones.
  • Respond immediately to texts/emails from family and parents and keep them at the top of the list in your communication.
  • Don’t talk on phones in front of other people. Nobody wants to hear you yapping.


Slow The Flow

  • Actively delete mean or humiliating pictures/posts sent to you by others.
  • Unsubscribe yourself from lists or groups that you know are mean or not aligned to your values.
  • Take technology breaks consistently throughout the day, week and month. Even undertake regular fasts where you turn your technology off for 24 hours.



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