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February 13, 2020
Couple Goals: Honored to be Highlighted on Studio 5

Studio 5 is starting a #CouplesGoals series where they are highlighting different couples.  We felt fortunate that they would ask us to be the first couple to kick things off.  Although I am usually giving relationship advice, today you will get a closer look at Mardi and my relationship . . . how we met, […]

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February 6, 2020
Four Thoughts That Create Relationship Roadblocks, and How to Fix Them

Do you believe that your thinking can influence your feelings?  And your thoughts directly or indirectly influence your actions?  It’s amazing that something as little as a thought can have a huge impact on our relationships. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with some of the people in your life, the fix […]

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January 27, 2020
Love at Home: Five Ways to Create A Feeling of Belonging at Home

Human beings are social creatures.  We are wired to connect to other human beings in order to stay alive and thrive in our lives.  This need to be accepted and loved is not just a feel good idea but is deeply woven into our physiological drives and fight or flight survival mechanisms.  Our families prepare […]

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October 10, 2016
The One Thing That Makes You One

Research shows that human beings really can only meaningfully focus on one thing at time. But instead we tend to get lost focusing on two or three things in our marriages and about 15 things in our lives. So many times my clients feel so alone in their marriages and so deeply want to feel […]

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September 29, 2016
Lifting One Another - Go Gossip Free

In an address at the Vatican recently, Pope Francis spoke out strongly against what he called the “terrorism of gossip”. The Pope compared talking negatively about others to “tossing a gossip bomb and walking away.” He stated that gossiping distances communities and does not bring us together. So despite the latest research that shows that […]

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September 26, 2016
Why Some Arguments Are “Normal” In Marriage

Disagreements in our relationships are very common, and yet there are some arguments it seems like almost all couples are having. Here are 4 fights that you and your spouse may have and some of the research behind why we might be so offended when they happen. “I Just Want It All To be “Fair” […]

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June 13, 2016
Lessons from Matt's Favorite Guys

What do the most influential men in our lives all have in common? Here are 4 examples from my life of those influential leaders and the qualities they emulate. Bart Summerhays- (Youth Leader) “To Believe In Myself!” The Lesson- Bart taught me to believe in myself. He always found time to be with me and around […]

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May 31, 2016
Love’s Difficult Lessons From a Relationship Coach

Happiness Isn’t About “Who” or “If” You’re Married • Happiness isn’t about whom you married, it’s about who you are, and who you’re becoming. • All of the singles are fighting to get married and all of the married are fighting to be single. • Happiness is more about the choices you make in responding […]

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May 19, 2016
Creating “Oneness” In Your Marriage

The goal of most people when marrying is to hopefully create a relationship that is unified and cooperative in such a way that we are almost welded or combined into one entity. For many this is why religion is such an important undertaking, as they long to be one with a loving higher power. The […]

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May 16, 2016
Fixing Your Toughest Relationship Problems

Relationships are hard but they don’t have to be as hard as most of us make them. In marriage there really are two kinds of problems: those we can’t fix (like the histories we brought to the relationship, our gene pool or chronic health conditions we suffer with), and those we can fix (like everything […]

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