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Start Feeding Your STARVED Stuff

Odds are you’ve already tried to feed your STARVED Relationship countless times with no real or lasting success. The problem isn’t usually a lack of trying, it's more a function of a lack of seeing and addressing the real problem. Like the quote, “Fish discover water last”, most of us humans are quite ignorant to what is behind our own patterns, reactions and distractions. Let us help you see your problems with a fresh set of eyes and a fresh set of tools. We can’t do it for you but we can do it with you. You really only have a couple of choices.

First Choice - Do Nothing

Continue to ride the roller coaster of the STARVED marriage hoping it will change somehow.

Second Choice - Do Something Different

Get help to immediately start to feed your STARVED Relationship.
Download the complete "Feeding the STARVED Relationship" Digital Program
Eleven hours of Dr. Matt's video coaching and content
Two - 100 page digital workbooks
Digital copy of Dr. Matt's book, Feeding the Starved Marriage (400 pages)
Set Up a Confidential Consultation with a TRC Certified Relationship Coach
For $99 you and your spouse will have a 55 minute consultation (on-site, phone, FaceTime, or Skype). This consultation will include the following:
A review of you and your partner’s completed 50 Point STARVED Spiral Survey and find out which of the 6 Starving Behaviors you and your partner are manifesting and a plan to start reversing the behaviors today. (The survey will be included when you purchase the consultation.)
A review of the “Smoky Issues” that are suffocating your marriage along with a specific breakdown of the actual STARVED Stuff most impacting your marriage.
You will each identify three specific solutions that you and your partner do to immediately begin feeding your marriage today.
Watch Matt's free webinar "Three Secrets to Feeding a STARVED Relationship"
One hour of free expertise and advice from Dr. Matt Townsend

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