January 11, 2016

A Feeding Inventory For Struggling Relationships

Relationships are difficult with so many changing dynamics, differing personalities and problematic histories. Without Respect, Appreciation, Encouragement and Dedication, all relationships will suffer. Despite all of the confusion, there are four questions that can tell you how you’re doing at feeding your relationship’s most basic needs. By asking yourself these four questions you can begin to identify where your love might be fading. You’ll also be able to identify what you can do today, to make changes. So lets see where we could do better to feed the marriage.

Do You Truly Respect And Show Respect To Your Spouse?
• Do you respect your partner’s needs and wants as no more or less important than your needs and wants?
• Do you respect your partner as having the same or equal rights as you do.
• Do you respect their preferences as just as important as your preferences?
• Do you respect your partner as your equal to you with neither of you having authority over the other?

Do You Appreciate What Your Partner Contributes To The Relationship?
• Do you appreciate what your partner is doing in the relationship?
• Does you feel like your partner is pulling their full share of the load?
• Do you feel that they love you and care for you your way?
• Do you feel that you are both working hard to care for the relationship and care of the family?

Are You An Encouraging Partner?
• Are you supportive of your partner’s dreams, activities and goals?
• Are you their biggest fan or cheerleader?
• Do you feel like you are best friends?
• Are you able to share your biggest concerns with your partner? Can they share their concerns with you?

Are You Truly Dedicated To Your Partner?
• Do you place your partner as your top priority?
• Are you connecting with your partner physically and emotionally in meaningful ways?
• Do you put your partner’s needs and wants before any other person’s needs and wants?
• Is your partner there for you in moments of distress?

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