February 6, 2020

Four Thoughts That Create Relationship Roadblocks, and How to Fix Them

Do you believe that your thinking can influence your feelings?  And your thoughts directly or indirectly influence your actions?  It’s amazing that something as little as a thought can have a huge impact on our relationships. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with some of the people in your life, the fix is easier than you think.

In this Studio 5 segment we talk about the following four thoughts I hear expressed regularly in my office that create relationship roadblocks.  I then give solutions that will help you move forward with your family and friends. Do you ever think any of these things?

  • "The problem is out there. . ."
  • "If they loved me they would. . ."
  • "We've already tried everything!"
  • "Love shouldn't be this hard!"

Are you guilty of any of these thoughts? Watch here to find out some solutions!

KSL Studio 5, January 13, 2019

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