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Do any of these issues sound familiar?:

  • Having to ask your children multiple times to get off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, GoofyLou, or whatever else is popular today?
  • Needing to escape into the social media black hole for some “me time?”
  • Watching your special someone try to beat that really really hard island on Boom Beach?
  • Buying a basket and making your grandkids deposit their device of choice into it before monthly family dinner?

Technology is overtaking our world more and more everyday.  How do we overcome it?  How effective are we when we ask our kids, parents, spouses, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, and friends to disconnect?  Is the fight that comes from that helping us to create long lasting, meaningful relationships?  What is the answer?  Is the only way to reconnect to disconnect?


Join Dr. Matt Townsend for a fun filled evening under the stars as he takes this topic head on.  Our annual summer Date Night tends to be the most “relaxed” and fun of our three Date Nights per year.  And this year, Dr. Matt has compiled some amazing new research, examples, and stories that will help you to solve the Technology Myth.


We have lowered the age minimum on this Date Night to 14 years old.  Along with the lowering of the age, we have lowered the price, for THIS DATE NIGHT ONLY!  You can join us for as little as $12 per person, or, if you prefer not to sit on the grass all night, only $17.50 per person!  Date Night prices will never be this low again.  Tickets will go fast, so please go get your’s today!

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