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The Townsend Relationship Center provides coaching and relationship skills training for individuals and couples looking to enhance their relationships and communication patterns. The TRC approach differentiates from therapeutic counseling by focusing more on educating couples in essential relationship and communication skills and not in providing therapeutic interventions.

Feeling Worn Out?

Have you ever felt emotionally worn out in your marriage? Have one or both of you have threatened to end it? Or, if you haven’t said it, maybe you have thought seriously about it. The problem is you still have strong feelings for each other, but you are starting to wonder if your marriage is simply “not meant to be.”

You May Be Feeling STARVED

After the stress of marriage has gone on for years you’ve undoubtedly tried variety of fixes, usually with the same lack of success. First, you probably tried talking to your spouse about changing his or her behavior only to see a couple of weeks of change before returning to old ways. Maybe you’ve talked to your church leaders, counselors, friends, or others about how to fix your marriage. Perhaps you’ve read some self-help books, watched Dr. Phil, or listened to Dr. Laura. You may have even tried marriage therapy a time or two, and yet still no lasting change. If this sounds like your approach to improving your marriage, then you have come to the right place. One of the reasons that the traditional approaches to improving marriages tend to fail is because couples don’t focus on the root issue. You see, most marriages are STARVED, meaning that virtually every marriage struggles at one time or another with the exact same seven unmet needs.

And the problem with being STARVED is that you usually end up starving those around you. As a STARVED couple, you probably suffer stress consistently about money, ineffective communication, lack of understanding, children, sex, work schedules, home chores, in-laws, etc. etc. etc. Consider this fact: Being STARVED is the leading cause of every marital issue. For example, when you argue about money, the real issue is more likely to be an issue of trust or safety. When you argue about sex, you may really be trying to say that you want to be appreciated and validated. Townsend Relationship Center can help you learn how to feed, nourish, and grow a healthy, thriving marriage by teaching you how to build solutions around the real issues.

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