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Date Nights with Dr. Matt is a fun and educational way to improve your relationship! National speaker and relationship expert, Matt Townsend, combines humor and wit with his unique gift of understanding relationships to create a powerful and lasting impact on audiences. Get great tips while laughing at Matt’s hilarious insights into relationships. With the feel of stand-up comedy, Matt will share effective ways to improve and de-stress your relationship. Not only will you learn great skills but it's also tons of fun!

Praise for Date Nite

What are people saying? Here are some exciting stories.

“I have never laughed so hard! Matt has the ability to entertain and inspire like I have never seen before. That is the perfect match to work on the sensitive issues that come up in relationships.”


“Matt Townsend is a mix of Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey and Dr. Phil all rolled up in one. He is the relationship guru!”

- E.W.

“Life Changing! Thanks for helping me become so self-aware of my habits that affect our marriage and showing me the way to change. We will never be the same.”

-L.B. Snack!

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