Lifting One Another – Go Gossip Free

In an address at the Vatican recently, Pope Francis spoke out strongly against what he called the “terrorism of gossip”. The Pope compared talking negatively about others to “tossing a gossip bomb and walking away.” He stated that gossiping distances communities and does not bring us together. So despite the latest research that shows that [...]

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Communicating With The People Who Don’t Emote

To learn about Matt's Coaching Program click here. Communication is a process of “sending, receiving and resending” information from one person to another. Although effective communication is a pretty difficult task in its own right, it can become even more difficult when the person you’re talking to doesn’t emote or respond with emotional cues or [...]

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Spirituality & Mind Body Institute

Click Here to Listen! Dr. Lisa Miller is a Professor of Psychology and Education, Director of Clinical Psychology, and Director of the Spirituality & Mind Body Institute at Teachers College Columbia University. So much of our early education focuses on cognitive skills. We learn cursive and spelling, math and science. But teaching principles that the heart [...]

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Healing Your Life By Strengthening Your Spirit

Influenced by Dr. Lisa Miller, Columbia University and book The Spiritual Child. To learn more about Dr. Miller, click here. Most of us have become accustomed to categorizing our lives into different sections like physical, social, emotional and spiritual. In my coaching work, with people struggling in life and relationships, I’ve found that their tends to be [...]

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Life Change? Time To Get the Wheels Turning

There comes a time when everyone may need a little change in their life. Some might be thinking of getting back in the work force after an extended absence. For others it might be a burning desire to start a new project or to get involved in a community committee. Like learning to ride a [...]

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Coaching Other People’s Problems

Know Their Answers & Hooks Are In Them, Not You! I am convinced that most people already know what they need to do in difficult situations; they just aren’t strong enough yet to do it. They know the answers and they know what they’re stuck or hooked on as well. That really is why they [...]

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Integrity in the Classroom on Sirius/XM Radio

Click Here to Listen! Have you ever been concerned about your child keeping good morals while being engulfed in a world of competition and lack of honesty in the classroom? How can we teach our children the importance of integrity when many classrooms today have minimal punishments for cheating? Listen as Dr. Matt Townsend talks [...]

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Finding Your Confident Self

The word confidence is defined as “a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.” This quality of confidence allows us to trust our own abilities in such a way that we truly can elevate our lives and the lives of those around us. Confidence is the power that will [...]

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Lessons From the Presidential Candidates

Nightly as I turn on the news to hear the results of the latest Presidential Primary, my children immediately start to pick my brain about who will win and why did “so and so” say such a thing. Kids are curious about what is going in the political world. They hear about it at school, [...]

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Millennials and Marriage

You've Got To Be In The Game! ⁃ Some might miss the opportunity to marry their peers by being out of the market (LDS Missions, Military Experience) ⁃ People who have had a bad relationship pull out of the market for years. ⁃ Too close to friends or family and it pulled them out of the [...]

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